Got Student Loan Debt?

Got Student Loan Debt?

If you have student loan debt, we can help.

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After graduation, most students have to adjust to the challenge of learning how to manage multiple student loan payments. Paying multiple creditors on different days of the month is a time-consuming hassle as well as a strain on your budget. If a large portion of your income is going toward student loan payments, you probably have little left over to invest or to pay off other high-interest debt. If this sounds like you, Got Student Loan Debt? can help. Got Student Loan Debt? can save you time and money by combining your student loans into one, easy payment.

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Got Student Loan Debt? Program

Essentially, Got Student Loan Debt? is a student loan consolidation program. It works by bundling all of your student loans into a single loan, usually with a lower interest rate. For federal loan holders, Got Student Loan Debt? is a free program and does not require a credit check. Got Student Loan Debt? also has a consolidation program for private student loan holders. Consolidating your loans can help you pay off your loans faster or extend your repayment time to minimize your monthly payments, depending on your needs. Here are some of the highlights of our Got Student Loan Debt? program:

  • Reduce your monthly payments by as much as 60%
  • Save thousands by locking in a fixed, low interest rate
  • Apply online for free
  • Application can be completed entirely online with electronic signature technology
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Retain federal borrower benefits
  • Take advantage of borrower benefit packages for additional rate reductions
  • No credit checks required for federal consolidation
  • Extend repayment period to up to 30 years

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You can apply to consolidate with Got Student Loan Debt? now by filling out our free, online application. The application does not require you to know the details of your student loan portfolio and should only take a few minutes to complete. If you apply during our regular business hours of 8 AM-10 PM EST, we will contact you via telephone within 15 minutes of receiving your application. Start saving on your payments by applying today!

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